Black Library

I’ve written a number of short stories and novels for Games Workshop’s Black Library imprint:

The End of Enlightenment

This is my second novel for Black Library, published April 2021

Warcry Catacombs: Blood of the Everchosen

This is my first book for Black Library, published October 2020


This first volume of Warhammer Horror fiction features my short story ‘The Widow Tide’


This includes my story ‘The Growing Seasons’


This includes my story ‘Voices in the Glass’

Oaths & Conquests

This Warhamme: Age of Sigmar anthology includes my story ‘Blood of the Flayer’ …

Blood of the Flayer

…. which is also available separately as an ebook.

The Harrowed Paths

This contains my story ‘Tesserae’

Other Writing

I’ve had a number of other stories printed in various magazines and journals over the years, both in print and online. I tend to publish my other non-genre fiction under the name ‘Richard W. Strachan’, although that’s a decision I really regret as it makes collating all this stuff quite annoying. From now on I think I’m just going to keep everything under the one name.

Anyway, here’s a list of some of the more recent stories:

‘The Rookery’ in Tether’s End Magazine, issue 2

‘Canvas’ in Lunate

‘Mercury’ in New Writing Scotland, issue 38

‘Friday’ in The Incubator Journal

‘Monument’ in Northwords Now , issue 35

‘The Disturbance’ in The Lonely Crowd (issue five)

‘Apple’ in Being Dad (edited by Dan Coxon, Tangent Press 2016)

‘The Sadness of Natalie’ in Elbow Room issue 12

‘The People, the Names’, published by Galley Beggar Press as part of their digital list

‘The Watching Brief’ in Dactyl, issue 3

‘After His Kind’ in Interzone, issue 259

‘Trinidad’ in Northwords Now, issue 29

‘The White Room’ in Causeway/Cabhsair, issue 10

Book Reviews

I’m also a regular book reviewer, mainly for Scottish newspapers like the Herald. I won’t put all the reviews down individually, but they’re collected under my name on the Herald website here:

Book reviews